After obtaining my degree in industrial Design from the Javeriana University in Bogotá in 1996, I travelled overseas, first to Israel, and then to Paris, where I lived and worked for 20 years. In 2015, I moved to California to begin a new adventure.

In France, I was fortunate to get the opportunity to work for Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent. I was part of Cinemarc, the workshop responsible for the jewerly collection of 2001. I discovered haute couture and this experience influenced my work and my understanding of what true quality is.

From 2002 to 2008, I worked closely with the creator of the brand Little Woman Paris. This experience inside the world of la haute bijouterie was very important for the next step in my career, which was to open my own company. In 2009 I lauched my brand, SIPORA AGUIA, at the Bijorhca Paris international fine & fashion jewelry show.

I often base my designs on strong geometric shapes, to which I endeavor to bring a freshness and an elegance. My goal is to create original, designer pieces that can be worn regularly and cherished as keepsakes.

My jewelry is featured in galleries and fairs such as “Eclat de Mode” Bijorhca, and it can be found in stores in various countries.

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Being a woman is such a great thing in life and when I create something my desire is to light up every woman´s life. A woman today has many roles: perhaps a professional, a wife, a mother and a friend all at once. When I create, I think of this modern woman who adapts to the many circumstances of her life. I seek to make that one piece of jewelry that can accompany her throughout everything she does and experiences.

Personally, being a mother is the greatest of jobs, but when I do finally find myself on my own, I am delighted to fly into my secret garden – my studio – to take the precious time necessary to turn my inspirations into creations. I make each piece of jewelry by hand in my new studio in California.

My aesthetic is a fresh and elegant, influenced by my career in Paris as well as my Colombian roots. I love to travel; some of my creations show traces from the various trips and sojourns I have made around the world.
I keep abreast of current fashion trends without feeling at all bound by them. I strive to stay always faithful to my own style.

Inspiration comes to me in many forms: my eye is caught by a geometric shape, a modular pattern, a color’s particular hue, a striking landscape or a place’s special atmosphere, and from this impression I create jewelry after my own heart.